IMG_5130Confiding Confidently is a place for me to do just that; confide confidently with other women. A centralized location for me to jot all of my thoughts, shortcomings, and convictions where other women can identify and relate.

I’m a daughter of the Most High King, wife to my high school sweetheart, momma to four tiny terrorists, book consumer, nature enthusiast, Depression advocate, & pack leader to nine chickens, three dogs, and a potbelly pig named Zoey. (Actually, I think they lead me; straight into trouble.)

Some posts will be lighthearted and humorous and others more thought-provoking, drenched in somberness because that’s life. Ebb and flow, ups and downs, twist and turns.

Hope you find whatever it is you are searching for here, whether it be laughs or a good ugly cry.

If you are inspired or encouraged, comforted or convicted by one of my articles; please share it! Then go to Confiding Confidently and give it a like and follow; all new articles are posted directly there along with some never before seen memes, live videos, and short, thought-provoking material. I’m thankful you’re here!

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