Nothing Is Too Little To God

Yesterday the sweetest dog I have ever owned gave birth to eight squeaking, lively little puppies. FiFi did so well but I could tell she was uncomfortable. She began the first stage of labor Wednesday morning and didn’t begin delivering until Thursday morning at 2:47. I know, I know, some people scoff at how I care so deeply about my pets and that I actually pray for them but God tells us the righteous care for their animals…(Prov. 12:10) You may be wondering what I mean when I say I pray for them, so let me clarify, I do not pray for them like I do my friends, family, government officials, and the Church but I do pray when they are in situations that cause them pain or distress for God to grant me the wisdom to calm them and for Him to intervene.

I had done all I could do to calm and encourage my laboring furry friend. But my attempts were insignificant. FiFi needed me to intercede. Maybe you’re still like, eh?

Hang with me. I promise there’s a lesson in this.

God is our Father. I actually almost typed ABBA just now instead of God because that’s what I call Him. My relationship with Yahweh has grown more intimately over the past year. Where He used to be the Judge ready to throw the gavel at me, now He is the loving Father walking alongside me. (He never actually fit the first description, it was only my perception.)

And because God is ABBA, He cares about what we care about. Just as we love for our kids to come to us and share their “little” things like how Samantha is their best friend because she shares her gummi worms or how they want to be a vet when they grow up because they want to pet all the dogs; ABBA loves to hear about things that our hearts desire.

And just like if your child was to bring you her, cold to the touch, guinea pig, you would look into your daughter’s tear brimmed eyes and your heart explodes overriding rational thinking (there’s nothing that can be done) and compassion drives you to shove your feet into your rainboots and load the kids and rigamortis guinea pig up and strike out to your local vet; God moves with compassion towards us.

I prayed for FiFi. ABBA heard His daughter’s pleas. He moved with compassion and FiFi birthed eight babies, all alive and without veterinary assistance. (I’m just going to keep them all and have my idea of Heaven on Earth; a pug plantation.)

This morning I woke up at midnight and prayed, “ABBA, I know it’s stupid, but please let these puppies thrive. Don’t let FiFi roll over and suffocate them. Please let them all get enough milk.” Then I got up and went to check on them and as I sat there and admired their round bellies and tiny soft paws, I began to pray again…

“ABBA, I know it’s stupid, and it’s a little thing in the grand scheme of things-“

He cut me off.

“Don’t say it’s stupid. None of my creation is insignificant.”

I grinned, apologized, and continued to praise Him in wonderstruck awe for His attention to detail and His Love towards me.

Somewhere along the way I began to believe that there was a list of things that you could pray about and anything else was “stupid.” That God sat on a throne too high and mighty to fool with or hear about “little” things like dogs and the dishwasher working.

But ya’ll, He is ABBA.



Isn’t that what daddies do?! They love to hear you ramble about the funny thing your dog does and how much you love them and then when you mention your dishwasher malfunctioning they come over and fix it!

We reverence and respect Him but we can talk to Him about anything.

 ABBA wants to hear from you.

You are His baby girl and you’re a big part of His World.

We don’t scold our children for talking to us. He is not going to scold you. If it matters to you, it matters to Him. Because nothing is too little to God.

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