Today I didn’t…


Today, I didn’t separate donated clothes, fold, and hand them over to thankful, poverty stricken people who nodded in appreciation and grinned as they received them.

I folded piles upon piles upon piles of panties, undies, shirts, shorts, and paired mismatched socks and handed them over to the bodies that wear them as the sounds of groans and whining filled my ears.

Today, I didn’t prepare lunches at the local soup kitchen, serving smiles and sustenance to people hungry for kindness and food.

I packed sequined lunch boxes in haste and scribbled on ripped paper towels, “I Love You!” while screaming in a not-so-loving tone, “GIT-IN-THE-TRUCK!” to the owners of the lunch boxes.

Today, I didn’t sing a chart topping hit to a packed stadium full of adoring fans that follow me on Instagram.

I sang old, familiar hymns and lullabies to sleepy-eyed toddlers who follow me everywhere…even to the bathroom.

Today, I didn’t chauffeur any high-class celebrity in a Land Rover or Maserati to an eccentric, up-scale restaurant.

I loaded up my four children and their friends in my “Mom” car which erupted in cheers as we pulled up under those infamous Golden Arches.

Today, I didn’t preach an inspiring, life altering message to a congregation of 2,ooo.

I barely made it through without puking all over the front pew while holding the attention of roughly twenty as I uncovered the scars of my past to show them my Saviour.

Today, I didn’t open an orphanage or adopt a child.

But I loved on the child who was pitching a fit in the grocery store check out in front of me as his flustered momma fought with the credit card machine.

Today, I didn’t stitch a broken heart back together on the operating table, saving a life; a legacy. I wasn’t applauded by a surgical team or a relieved family.

I rinsed the gravel from a scraped knee and covered it with a Frozen band-aid receiving¬† a quick, “tank-to.” and a peck on the cheek as my patient toddled off to her next adventure.

Today, I didn’t offer advice to a patient that sat on my couch for counseling.

I listened as my husband vented his heartaches and headaches and did my best to encourage him.

The things I’ve done today may not mean much to the world.

But to my little world, it means the world.

I’m the one they all come to.

I’m the keeper of secrets and finder of lost things. I’m the calming voice in the dark room and the encouraging whisper in their ear when the fear is deafening. I’m the answerer to all the questions and the comforting embrace after a long day. I’m the consistent catcher of all the forced and willing trust falls.

I may not be the next big thing but that’s ok with me.

Because right now.

This season of messy houses and toothless grins. Sleepless nights and water balloon fights. Contagious giggles and ticklish middles…

I’m already kinda a big deal.

One thought on “Today I didn’t…

  1. Man, Stephanie you have such a way with words. It is so real and makes me feel like I am right beside you on a porch swing, sipping tea and watching it all go on and you always give us a lesson to ponder in our hearts to make us better people (and Christian). Keep it up girlfriend! we need your words and voice.

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