I Have to be Reminded..


Maybe I’m the odd-ball out, the exclusion to the rule, the defect in a world full of cookie cutter perfection. I guess I am the crumbly cookie dough that refuses to stick together to produce the ideal dessert, rebelling at the thought of fitting the mold. Oh well, I like to eat the unruly raw dough anyways. It’s raw, real, and messy…a lot like life. The picture above is of a sign I have on my bedroom wall. But not just any wall, it’s the wall I face when I get all stubborn and sassy, turning my back to my husband while we lay in our bed.

You see, though I’m a Christian and love Christ and try hard to live a life that is glorifying to Him, I don’t always apply those standards to my marriage. My husband is my other half and if I don’t feel well or happy, I don’t really want him too either. Eh, misery loves company they always say. If my husband does or says something that rubs me wrong, I automatically jump to the worst case scenario instead of giving him a chance to explain further. *sigh What can I say; I’m froggy.

Which is the opposite of what Scripture calls us to do in 1 Corinthians 13:7, we are told to bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things.

I should believe that what he says is heartfelt and true and I should hope, instead of hop, that what he does, is for me and not against me.

But just as a child behaves their worst with their mother so I do with my husband. He’s my person. The one I’m most comfortable with. The one who I trust to love me even when I’m not very loveable. He’s the one I know will tell me truthfully if I’m about to make a mess, but also the one who will come up beside me to help clean up my mess.

Though I have to be reminded, and I’m sure this sign will cause a bunch of scoffing and huffed apologies paired with aggressively turning over and flipping the covers, I will remember to forgive abundantly and love passionately…Just as Christ does for me.

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