Christianity Isn’t ALL Comfort. Quit Lying To People.

IMG_1998Have you ever slept on a water bed or a bean bag? Sure, it’s uber comfy when you first plop down and become engulfed by it, but when you awake you realize you needed some structure; some kind of support that corrects your limp slumping body. After a couple of nights you despise the wretched thing because it isn’t making your body better but actually makes it worse. That’s modern day Christianity. It looks good, it’s all about that comfort, but in reality it’s crap. True, biblical Christianity isn’t all comfort, it’s got some conviction in it. Quit lying to people, selling them the health, wealth, and popularity garbage. It’s not helping them to live humble, holier lives; it’s hindering it.

True Christianity isn’t measured by material things. Americans LOVE to inspect the houses “Christians” live in, the cars they drive, the size of their bank account and declare whether a person is “blessed” by God. Don’t you think Satan can use those things to lull you into a spiritual sleep? If you have ample comfort in this world, what do you need to cry out to God for? Does a fed, warm, comfy baby cry out for it’s parent? If the motivation for going to church and being a moral person is to receive worldly blessings, you’ve missed the mark. Christianity isn’t about what God can do for us, it’s about lovingly serving Him because of what He has ALREADY done. God doesn’t owe us anything, we owe Him EVERYTHING.

Stop glorifying the sin and the sinner. I’ve seen more articles on self-help, self-esteem, and self-worth and they are written by “Christian” bloggers! Oh, you cuss, drink, and you can’t help that God made you with a high sex drive and banging body that you love to show off in skimpy clothes? Modern day Christianity tells you nobody can judge you and if you have prayed the sinner’s prayer, you’re good. That’s not biblical Christianity! One must take self out of their heart completely because God is so big there’s no room for two. Faith isn’t trusting in what YOU can do through your strengths and intellect, faith is trusting in God’s strengths and infinite intellect. Faith isn’t esteeming YOURSELF and YOUR desires high, it’s esteeming God and His Will high and holy. Faith isn’t knowing YOUR worth, it’s knowing and trusting in Jesus’.

Christianity isn’t always comfortable, most of the time it’s convicting. It’s with that conviction we are shaped into the likeness of Christ. God molds us through pressing into us and forcing self out of our hearts removing it like a deep nestled thorn. Self is a thorn that, if left rooted, will fester and swell leading to infection and ultimately death.

Now that I’ve punched you in the stomach, let me offer you some oxygen to catch your breath.

God, Creator of all the galaxies, Heaven, Hell, and ALL the creatures in them decided to create YOU. You with all your talents and gifts that He gave you. You, reading this article with breath in your lungs that He provided. You with the people you know and the influence you hold where He placed you.

Now what are YOU going to do with it?

Let EVERYTHING you do be to the glory of God. 1 Cor. 10:31

If you’re not glorifying God with your talents and gifts, with every breath you take, or shining His Light into the darkness; it’s ALL in vain.

But I say unto you, that EVERY idle word that men utter, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement. Matt. 12:36

To the writers reading: The pen is mightier than the sword. Guard your words, for they are guiding the reader to glory or guilt before God and YOU will be judged for it. If your writing isn’t popular, take heart, Christ wasn’t popular when He preached convicting messages.

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