Love Looks Like Bookmarks


IMG_1788.PNGSocial Media is littered with photo collages of lovers throughout the days, months, years of their relationships; all titled with the hashtag #myforeverValentine, innumerable red and pink roses leaving one to wonder if the rose species is now extinct, and chocolates galore leading to a nationwide sugar crash somewhere around Easter. If all the mushy, gushy love being thrown around like confetti leaves you feeling like your love life is less than; come sit by me, this article is for you.

Love isn’t expressed by sappy FaceBook posts or tweets professing the undying love and admiration of a spouse; no, in our love story it’s much quieter, almost unnoticeable unless you look hard, it’s the lifting of one another in silent prayers throughout the day.

Love doesn’t take the form of diamonds and petite satin lined boxes wrapped in attractive tissues; often, it’s just tissue while stranded on the porcelain throne. (There’s no greater gift of love than a toilet bowl rescue.)

Love doesn’t always taste like fancy French imported chocolate from the master chocolatiers; more like Monsieur Hershey from the well known, highly reputable Chevron when PMS cravings are raging.

Love isn’t expensive weekend vacations to exotic locations whose reservation list are two years out; love is best expressed in the priceless mini-vacations of a well-timed kiss or sympathetic text in the chaos of a hectic day, escaping just for a moment, yet long enough to turn mental chaos into calm as you return to the daily grind.

Love doesn’t just hear, but it listens and then offers a sweet solution, such as when your wife gripes about repeatedly losing her reading place in her leaning Jenga tower of books; on the day of love, when the world looks like all things frivolous, true love looks like bookmarks.

 You see, love isn’t the worshipping of a lover; it’s showing your lover Who to worship.

Love is patient, not petty.

Love is kind, not conniving.

Love does not envy, it encourages.

Love is not proud, it’s polite.

Love does not dishonor others, it respects them.

Love is not self-seeking, it’s selfless.

Love is not easily angered, it’s forgiving.

Love keeps no record of wrongs but rewards all good.

Love does not delight in evil but cherishes virtue.

Love rejoices with the truth, not gossip or rumors.

Love always protects, evil, it never promotes.

Love always trusts; it does not discredit without proof.

Love always hopes, never fears.

Love always perseveres, it never surrenders.


And a love that’s based on God and His strengths is unfailing, unwavering love.

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