What Are We Missing?


God places a dream in each of our hearts: for some, it’s reaching foreign countries with the Gospel, ministering to military families, sharing the Good News with scared and emotionally/physically scarred people in shelters, or engaging with complete strangers through writing, all the while pointing them to Christ. Often, however,  though God paints the picture of our purpose on our heart and mind as clear as day, He doesn’t allow it to come into fruition as effortlessly: leaving us scratching our heads and sighing in defeated frustration, “Why, Lord?!” But what if…

What if God places a dream in our heart, not for what we accomplish, but for what we become?

Chew on that a moment.

God doesn’t need us to accomplish His Will, He can do it all on His own and do it correctly: the first time. He can merely speak it into existence just as quickly as He whispered it into your ear. Yet, God delights in using His children: though we get frustrated and impatient, fill ourselves with self-pity and insecurities, sometimes even doubting God’s promises: God remains faithful to us, and not for His sake, but for ours. He isn’t focused on the ending: He knows it. God’s focused on the strengthening of our faith and increase of our spiritual wisdom while attempting to accomplish the dream.

God warned Noah of a flood and commanded him to build a massive ark, one large enough to house Noah, his wife, his three sons, his sons’ wives, and a whole lotta animals: not to mention all the tools needed to start civilization over again and provisions for humans and animal passengers alike. I can only imagine the frustration Noah felt as insults hurled from unbelieving neighbors thudded against his weary, sun-tanned back as he labored day in and day out for anywhere from 55-75 years for a rain unlike any had ever seen before: not even Noah.

God promised Abraham he would be the father of many nations: He was 75 and his wife 65. God didn’t fulfill the promise of a conceived womb until 25 years later. The agony each monthly cycle brought after days of wondering if this was “the month,” the month of conception, faith decreasing every month as Sarah’s age increased.

God sent a dream to Joseph that he would rule over his father and brothers: sharing his dream twisted tighter the already tense cord between him and his 10 older brothers, snapping it, seering their conscious, and selling Joseph into slavery. The waves of self-pity washing over him as he was prodded along the road to Egypt and moved from house to dungeon.

God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush, informing him that God would use him to deliver His people from Egyptian rule. Doubts and insecurities flogged Moses as he was denied multiple times by hard-hearted Pharoah and once freed, rejected by ungrateful masses.

God anointed David as King over His people: but hadn’t removed the one who assumed the crown, wretched King Saul. David, instead of courageously fighting against Israel’s enemies, cheated death by weaseling just out of Saul’s grasp. The depression that swept over David continually as he ran from death as a coward when a few years prior he had slain the giant Goliath.

God sent an angel to tell a young virgin woman that she would conceive and bring forth the Savior of the world. Oh, the fear that dared to drag her under! Would she lose her fiance, or worse, her life? If the multitude didn’t stone her and Joseph was merciful, divorcing her quietly: how would she provide for her little one?

Had God made it come to pass expediently all that He had said to Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, and Mary would there have been a need for trust, patience, humility, or faith?


What does God want you to become?


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