He’s Enough.


Mother’s minds today are flooded with questions and options of how to raise their little ones. Through multiple facets, we are pelted with the opinions of others, throughout the world, of which routes are the best for our baby.

You must breastfeed if you’re a good momma. No, sweetie, formula is FINE. I’ve breastfed, and formula fed my babies and guess what: they all end up licking spilled chocolate syrup off the floor.

You must listen to Mozart and read certain books to your baby in utero so your baby will be higher on the I. Q. spectrum. That’s cool if you wanna do that: more power to ya. I personally don’t care for classical and didn’t know of that study until I was on my third baby: my older two are honor roll students.

Baby should co-sleep. Do what works for YOU. We co-slept with our oldest for three years: our second baby slept in a pack-n-play, ALL NIGHT LONG, from the day we brought her home.

You should feed your family all organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, home-cooked meals every night. I promise you, your children will benefit more from who’s AT their table compared to WHAT is on it. Rest easy, Momma, you are not poisoning your children if their dinner comes in cellophane.

Public school is a must if you want your children to be well socialized, but private school has better education, but keep in mind, homeschooling is where you build their character. I’ve done it all, each has its pros and cons: do what works for YOU.

Reading all the articles and studies on what and what not to do with baby will leave your head swimming and your heart feeling incredibly unprepared for the seemingly daunting task of rearing up a child.

Take heart, there is only one thing you need to know.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; when he is old, he will not depart it.” Proverbs 22:6

God does not drop a naked, screaming, crying, helpless, little stranger into our laps and with a shrug of His shoulders wish us good luck. No, Our Heavenly Father gave us a manual, the Bible: and a perfect example, Jesus.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, did not fret over what to feed her son: who was God in the flesh. Mary didn’t chauffeur Him to various orchestras or libraries. Mary didn’t stress over His education. She wasn’t worried if He made friends or if He was kind to people. She merely used her Manual and consulted the Teacher often in prayer.

A child who respects and loves God will not be a glutton, a bully, or a fool. Your children don’t need a perfect Mother: they need a perfect Savior. God didn’t create you to be enough: because if you were, why would you or your kids need Him? God DID create you to be their mother: He hand-crafted YOU. You with all your quirks and preferences: where specific attributes of yours stand out and others fall back, like pieces of a puzzle, He created your baby to fit right in seamlessly.

No, dear Momma, you don’t have to worry if your kids love you. You don’t have to binge read all the articles and studies. You don’t have to memorize all the unhealthy ingredients and check to make sure they’re not in your kid’s favorite cereal. You don’t have to buy the whole Baby Einstein series. You don’t have to be enough.

He is.

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