Broken Kaleidoscopes..

img_1312What do you see when your gaze falls on my husband? Stoic and possibly the world’s   opinion of “toxic masculinity”? Perhaps your eyes hone in on the grease stains speckled across his shirt contrasting the light grey of his uniform. I see a dying breed of man..The breed that could speedily access a disfunction in his machinery and repair it himself. The type of man who doesn’t go looking for a fight but doesn’t back down from one either.

Maybe your sight drops a lower than that, first down the long navy lines plastered with streaks of dried concrete then resting on his dust and mud covered leather boots. I see mighty tree trunks that stood with strength withstanding storms and preserving the branches of our family tree and the roots that brought our family to faith. 

What do you see in his face? Lines carved out by the sun that look out of place tracing along the baby face? I see the frustrated brow at the report of another rejection and the contagious smile after his positivity and stubbornness refuses to take no for an answer and his brilliant mind finds another angle. 

A strong, red colored neck evidence of years of manual labor in the blistering sun? I feel a tinge of jealousy for I long to be the one who gets to kiss his neck continuously.

Or his broad shoulders that support the weight of a muscular chest and where the boulder sized biceps and forearms connect? I see the seat for our children when they cannot see above the heads of the crowd and I see the arms that cradle sleeping babies from their carseats to their beds. The shoulders that bear the burden of family and responsibility proudly and arms that are the harbor of safety. 

Hands of leather that are hard and calloused? I see the hands that are soft as velvet as they caress my shoulders after a disappointing day and the hand that rest on my lower back as a steadying support to the anxiety that tries to knock me over. 

What do you hear when he speaks? A deep authoritative voice without a tinge of uncertainty, confidence and rationale radiating. I hear the low, husky voice that calmed a spooked horse and the humble, obedient, and pleading prayer of a child of God.

You see, we all see people differently. Each person is someone’s loved one. Each of us are viewing one another through a broken kaleidoscope seeing them only in one color when in all actuality there are many different versions of them.

You pause at the beauty of a rainbow in the sky all the while missing the ones walking before your face. See ALL the colors of a person.

They’re quite beautiful.

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