2019 Be Good To Me!?

IMG_450D091B08A6-1With 2018 hurling down the calendar until it meets its final resting place becoming nothing more than a memory and no longer an everyday reality I find myself in a different place than I was in the year prior. This time last year seeing the impeding end of the calendar left me with feelings of relief and eagerness. 2017 was hard ya’ll. Spiritually, emotionally, and mentally I was DONE. Stick a fork in me. But this year it’s SO different..I’m sadden to see it go! Exponential growth spiritually, emotionally, and mentally took place and while I know 2019 can be a year of further growth 2018 will always be a fond memory, a place in time I will visit on my dark days when I need encouragement and reminders of potential and progress. I’m not one for resolutions because, let’s be real here, they’re meant to be broken but I do have some aspirations for 2019..

I want less comparison and more contentment. God has dealt my hand who am I to look at another’s and decide theirs is better than mine? God knows what I need. I can trust Him.

Less tearing down and more building up. Instead of being my worst critic I want to be my best cheerleader.

Less tears, more laughter. This life is but a vapor, I wanna enjoy the fragrance.

More adventures and less fear. The fact that there are no facts is what makes an adventure an adventure!

More confidence and less second guessing. Hit publish. Jeremiah had not one single convert his whole life but God still called him a good servant. Be successful faithful.

A spirit of stillness over stress. I don’t want to be remembered for my productivity but rather my peace.

A sense of calm in the chaos. My cup runneth over with God’s mercies, let me spill it on those around me.

Wisdom rather than worry. Tests, trials, and temptations will be faced daily it’s inevitable.

More writing and less talking.

Hold them longer and hurry them less. They’re only this little once.

Let grace rather than grief pour from my lips. I only get to live this life with the love of my life once, let me love him with a love so fierce it’s admired by our grands and generations to follow.

Lastly, simplicity over strategy..

Instead of attempting to reap inspiration from bible studies, conferences, and books I want to harvest it in the quiet, simple times with my Lord. He wants me to come and sit at His feet and listen like Mary. Not busying and wearing myself out like Martha.

God doesn’t want my works (per se), He just wants me.

Your worth isn’t in YOUR works..It’s in Jesus’ work on the cross.

You’re Worthy.




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