What a Momma Wants For Christmas

IMG_1188.JPGBehind all the twinkling lights and glittering ornaments, behind all the scrumptious goodies and decadent feasts, behind all the thoughtful gifts and pretty packaging there is a Momma who is fueled by nothing more than coffee and Christmas cookies, anxiety and aspirations for Hallmark worthy Christmas memories. Her husband and littles, in-laws and friends will ask the customary question for the season, “What would you like for Christmas?”

And she will provide a generic response but realistically she longs for the jolly man in the red suit to bring…

A morning to sleep in and slowly awaken to a hot cup of coffee in her favorite mug instead of being startled awake by screams of a hot-headed two year old who demands her cereal before the rest of the world is awake.

A house that magically stays clean. Get yo elves on dat Santa baby!

Food that miraculously appears at every meal and satisfies each palette, even the pickiest of eaters.

Her baby to finally sleep through the night. I heard Santa and Sandman was tight.

To have a designated dooty diaper jockey.

Delicious coffee she can drink all day reaping only the benefits and none of the jitters.

To eat all of her favorite delectables without her waist expanding.

For all of her online shopping items to fit perfectly.

No fighting, bickering, rough-housing, eye-rolling, or back-talking youngins.

For her house to be filled with the music of laughter and lightened by her family’s smiles.

Snow that doesn’t chill to the bones or track into the house.

To feel like a woman with her favorite man.

A cozy fire that stays lit.

To feel appreciated.


And while she would likely trade her last pair of leggings for any one thing on that list, she would without hesitation trade that entire list for the assurance and comfort of knowing that her family rests on the promises of the Prince of Peace who became a pauper for the people over 2,000 years ago and willingly laid aside His heavenly robe in exchange for earthly rags.


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