It’ll Just Happen..

IMG_9094As I ushered in four restless children bouncing with energy due to the restraints of car seat buckles and a 30 minute car ride we were met with familiar friendly faces at our local hair salon. It was our favorite once a month trip we as a family took. When we come in we take up every chair in the place in an attempt to be as time efficient and less stressful to the surrounding audience because, let’s face it, four energetic children running around with suckers in their mouths aren’t exactly the picture of relaxation. But on this particular visit there was a new beautician and my normal stylist was busy beautifying another patron so in an attempt to move things along I hopped into her chair and after small talk and laughter at my herd of youngins, she made the all too familiar statement…

“I don’t know how you do it!?!”

Like a prerecorded message from a telemarketer I responded at her prompting..

“I don’t know either. It’s gotta be The Lord.”

She so kindly included me in snippets of her life and shared how her husband fancies the thought of another baby but she does not feel ready/capable of growing her brood from one to two. I sat sheepishly unsure of what to say.

I KNOW her feelings, the doubt, the fears, the frustrations, the daily dying to self to give life to a little person who doesn’t quite yet grasp the concept of gratefulness as they throw their tiny body on the floor in a rage over the color cup you offer them. But here I stand on the other side of that vast ocean span from the land of one offspring to the island of four and though there is no training to prepare you for a swim that treacherous (pregnancy SUCKS..well my pregnancies do) once you reach the island the hard work is over.

I can hear you now, “Naw girl! You’re crazy!” I promise you I did not give birth to some of my brains and sense when I birthed my four babies..At least I don’t think I did..I mean physically it’s impossible..Right?! Let me elaborate..

God has an uncanny way of giving you exactly what you need when you need it. He may not always give you what you want but your needs will be met and if you don’t get something, well then it’s pretty simple..It wasn’t anything you needed. Trust Him. I mean, He is the Creator.

Jeez-Louise how I feared being a Momma to more than one baby! I feared I would be overwhelmed, burnt-out, and well..crazy. But God is gracious and while at times I do feel overwhelmed, burnt-out, crazy and I start doubting myself, feeding myself the lie that I’m not cut out for this.. I remember fear is a liar and I feel that way because I’m relying on myself and not trusting that God, Creator and All-Knowing, knew what He was doing when He created me and my four mini-mes!

So here’s the secret..

It’ll just happen.

When you worry if your heart can love another baby as much as the one in your lap..

When the arms of the clock seem as if their in hyper speed rather than ticking and you’ve got somewhere to be..

When you are wondering how you’re going to get all the kids fed, dressed, and in bed at a decent hour…

When you’re wrestling a toddler on the bed for a diaper change, signing folders, answering questions about Monster Trucks, and reassuring your eldest her hair looks fine and the baby starts falling off the bed…

Your heart will grow, you’ll realize the clock was set 15 minutes too fast, 9:10 is just as good as 9:00, and you’ll catch the baby by her leg before her head hits the floor and it will become a game you play each morning.

It’s a wild ride but man it’s a fun one! Don’t worry Momma..It’ll just happen.

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