Selfcare Not Snooty..

Selfcare comes in so many different forms. Sometimes it’s a much needed mani pedi by foreign ladies whose broken English confirms the internal plea for non-verbal communication, sometimes it’s a long jog around a lake surrounded by pine trees with only the occasional critter crossing your path and the aroma of pine needles and honey suckles enveloping you, sometimes it’s serving a friend or neighbor, maybe even a community, with plates of hot food prepared by loving hands, and other times a step to self care is discerning when to say “No.”

I love to do things. All the things. All the time. With all the people. My husband, more times than I prefer to admit, bids me to “Just sit down!” but I can’t. From before the sun comes up and shortly after it sets, I’m on my feet running to and fro tending to children, catering to my husband, growing business, attempting a social life, and in between all of that my mind offers up prayers and praise all while calculating how much time I have to spend in each category to effectively accomplish my to do list for the day.

My New Year’s Resolution was to simplify and while trying desperately not to break it, I found a treasure in simple.

Simple is self care..

And while being a busy body and balancing spinning plates of duties on all my extremities is a talent and a challenge I happily accept; so is simplifying, and that..well that is a whole other ball game. I hate saying no because more than likely I want so very much to say yes and jump passionately all in! I want to touch lives and establish new connections. I want to encourage and be encouraged. But for now all of my spinning plates are overly full and if I add even one more pea of promises I fear my plates will come crashing down around me resulting in brokenness and a big mess.

I say all of that to say this. You can say “no.” If you’re anything like me you probably should say “no” for sanities sake, it’s ok to say “no” to offers and if no feels too permanent there’s always, “not right now.” And when your plates have spare room  or you find another spot where you can add another spinning plate you can pick it up then. Maybe you don’t want to discourage anyone or cause them to think you’re uninterested, but I must remind you..

Self care is not snooty and sometimes simplifying your life is the best form of self care.

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