IMG_3977.JPGI watched a short clip that’s making it’s rounds on FaceBook, it’s composed of five older women who appear to range in ages from their 50-70s and in the video they were asked a series of questions pertaining to pressures undergone by women in society now vs. women in society in their younger years and lastly..

What do you regret?

Their answers were almost unanimous.

The majority with the exception of one was not cherishing and extending those goodnight kisses with their children due to the fear of being tired for the work day that was drawing closer with every tick of the clock.

The longing to be able to hold their babies just ten more minutes before they inevitably outgrew their Momma’s arms and lap.

And lastly, the exception, “I wish I would have danced more when my legs were actually strong enough to hold me up.”

Later the question is presented and they request that you answer honestly..

What will YOU regret?

Listed below are my answers.

I will regret that I didn’t laugh more with my children, not just passing giggles but the kind of laugh that starts way down deep inside our bellies and like a volcano, instead of hot lava, hilarious laughter erupts out of our mouths filling the air with joy and love rather than ashes and gas.

I imagine I will regret not saying “yes” more to my husband’s wanting arms as he pulls me in, enveloping me with passion I can experience with no other and love unmatchless. Allowing him to carry me away transforming our bedroom into a distant oasis far away from the problems of the world. The act of becoming one will eventually become a mere memory as our bodies grow older, weaker, and libidos extinct.

I will regret the denial of time spent with my Grandmaw, Momma, Daddy, and my Aunt Rose how will I know where I come from if I’m not willing to sit in their presence and allow them to fill my ears and mind with stories of my ancestors?

I will regret denying more often than not, the eager requests to “Play with me, Momma.” because all to soon Time will convince my babies that I’m not cool and my constant denials will deter them from even asking anymore.

I will regret the overused phrases, “Go on now, I’m busy!”, “In a minute!”, “I’m on the phone with a customer!” and the broken disheartened expression on small tender faces when all they wanted was to share the excitement of a new revelation or backyard finding. Time yet again will convince them that Momma doesn’t get it and my denials will only further the shutting of the door to intimate moments talking with my children.

I will despise all the petty arguments over clothes laid by the hamper and not in it, garbage piling up because it hadn’t been taken out yet, and constant requests for this and that. Especially because all that energy I cannot get back and one day I may not have a husband to bicker over, only the memories and regret of time spent foolishly angry instead of fervently loving.

I will regret not sharing the Gospel and praying more for the lost friend as I stand by her casket knowing full well the lies the officiator of her funeral shares in hopes of bringing comfort to a distraught crowd of family and friends.

But today I vow to deny those regrets from coming into fruition.

I will play wholeheartedly with my children, submerging myself entirely in their world of imagination. Oh the laughter we will share!

I will answer my husband’s requests for a in home getaway excitedly.

I will deny wasteful time spent and fill it rather in the presence of my loved ones.

I will initiate play time instead of idly standing by waiting for the kids to approach me.

I will listen intently to my children and their wild stories and revelations, hanging on their every word.

I will choose to love my husband in the unlovely times.

I will share Jesus every time like my life depends on it because her eternal one does.

I will #LetGo of the demands and pressures of society to be everything for everyone, to give all I have and am to a world that will replace me as soon as I’m burnt out. 





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