The Struggle Is Real..

IMG_3698Honestly you guys, I’m all over the place right now. I’ve felt so immensely close to The Lord here lately and feel as if He is pouring His Spirit into me and I’ve been so thirsty for so long that I’m gulping it as fast as He’s pouring it. Prayer is streaming from my lips so frequently to the point where I catch myself in prayer without even initiating it mindfully and my heart has got so many things to write, I’ve literally got 5 articles sitting in my drafts folder awaiting completion. My mind is consuming literature from 6 different authors and my soul is digesting it all slowly, diligent in extracting all the nutrients they have to offer. Regardless of all the positives flowing so fervently I gotta admit they all ebbed yesterday as I laid sick in bed..

And I can’t even act like I don’t know why..I know exactly why…

Idleness, Procrastination, & Timidness.



If y’all remember awhile back I felt God was using different people, along with His Holy Spirit, to encourage me to start the daunting task of writing a book.{What Am I?!} Well you know how when you were younger and your Mom told you to clean your room and you knew you needed to get started on it but you’d find a million other things that just HAD to be done before you could even attempt to climb the mountain of clutter that was also known as your bedroom doorway?!

Yeaaaaa..that’s where I’m at..but with God..and His Will for me to get this book done..not a good place to be…

Normally on a rainy morning such as this I would substitute my jog with some indoor cardio and go heavier on the weights but I didn’t..I had been holed up inside due to a stomach bug that jumped and bit everyone in our household and I needed some fresh air..some quiet time..and some tranquil peace in nature. I NEEDED to go outside.

But this morning during my routine jog around the lake He met me and spoke to me in a way as never before..

Remember how after your Mom caught you procrastinating on the chore of cleaning your room how you would try to avoid her glare and inevitably give up and  kinda  side-eye her and say, “ok, ok, I’m going..”

Well that’s kinda how it went down on that ol’ gravel farm road with grass growing up in the middle of tire tracks as I focused on dodging raindrops and puddles I realized I was getting soaked and was focusing way too much on staying dry which in return was defeating the whole purpose of my jog which is my only alone time with my Heavenly Father and also that I was using my comfort as a cop-out to try to avoid His glare and the conversation I knew was about to ensue…I felt Him tell me..

You see how you’re avoiding the puddles and rain..How you’re tiptoeing and bobbing and weaving because you think you’d be more comfortable dry..You are like that in your Faith..You want only to walk in the paths that are dry and easy, void of deep puddles. Where you can see where your feet will plant with each step but know this, you are going to be soaked regardless. I will make you step into unsure puddles of water to build your Faith, either you can do it willingly or you can be frustrated through the process but in the end you WILL be soaked..I am going to saturate you in My Spirit, and I am going to accomplish My Will..Write the book.

And as He spoke those words into my heart something escaped from my chest and ricocheted off of each raindrop surrounding me and echoed into the crisp air..A giggle…Which was followed by a smile, which prompted jumping from puddle to puddle to see just how deep each was and how high the splash could reach…and when I reached my front steps I was drenched..not just in summer rain but in His Spirit all over again.

The struggle is real…but so is God.

It’s probably going to get a little quiet over here in this corner of the blogosphere as I follow God’s lead on this book but give me a follow on ConfidingConfidently’s Facebook page for short and sweet comforting yet convicting truths..










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