We Ain’t Royalty..


I sat yesterday morning teary eyed as I watched the Royal Wedding and all it’s grandeur; the breathtakingly stunning yet simply elegant dress, the celebrity guests with their pompous hats, and don’t even get me started on the castle..Naturally being a woman, I made mental comparisons of my wedding that took place a decade ago and consequently informed my husband I wanted a “do-over”.  In which his reply was a mocking laugh..

I wanted to have a cackle of kiddos guiding my train to fall in just the right spot in a seemingly mile long aisle. I wanted the carriage ride with all the guests oohing and awing over my dress and my prince. I wanted the Modern Fairytale love story! But I realized that isn’t the love story that’s blasting on T.V. screens across two countries, that’s just the wedding..

Marriage is SO much more than the wedding…

Gah, is it!

Our love story may not be Royal but it’s ours and it’s real and it’s raw and it’s been filled with vein popping yelling matches complete with an engagement ring being thrown in his face {which after I calmed down and went back to search for it He acted as if He didn’t pick it up and I had indeed lost it due to throwing a fit..well played my prince..well played. I haven’t taken it back off to this day.} to late night dances to the Oldies show underneath the night’s star filled sky on a deserted red dirt road. {how nostalgic Conway Twitty’s I Can’t Believe She Gives It All To Me was everytime it came on.}

Welcoming the lives God entrusted to us with a mixture of nervousness and tears, enchantment and excitement. We witnessed both our bodies expand and shrink. We made it through sleepless nights, endless diapers, toothless grins, wobbly steps, infectious giggles, a combined 17 birthday celebrations {and that’s just the kid’s birthdays to date} and an innumerable amount of prayers. Maneuvered  the uncharted murky waters of grief after losing a parent and celebration and relief at the saving from addiction of other parents. We’ve lost friends but became each other’s best friend.

We’ve survived through three moves and two business ventures. We’ve compromised. We’ve improvised. We’ve budgeted. We’ve wasted. We’ve celebrated. We’ve succeeded together and we’ve failed miserably together. We’ve been harrowingly jealous of one another and mightily proud of the other. We’ve laughed heartily and mourned bitterly. We granted each other grace when we both fell into diverse temptations and prayed diligently through the trials. We grew less sure of ourselves and more sure of God and His grace…

And though we will never have a camera crew on our heels recording every moment  for the world to see, {because honestly we ain’t that interesting.} we do have our own little fan base and they call us Momma and Daddy and these wide eyed babies are watching and studying our every move during each moment so..

I hope and pray that we make our love story the best one they’ve ever seen..






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