What Will They Say…


What will they say when I’m dead and gone?

Was I clear enough on my stances so there is no confusion on my approval or disapproval of important subjects?

Did I show the love I had for my family and friends so strong and rich that it can comfort them even after I’ve left?

Was I a lighthouse to others shedding light on the WAY to Salvation?

Will hundreds gather at my funeral sharing their favorite stories of me?

Will there be a corresponding thread in each of their patches of stories that make the overall quilt an image of Calvary? That is, will each person that knew me have a moment where I shared the Gospel with them?

Did I extend comfort and understanding when it was sought after?

Will people say that I was funny and loved to play pranks and tell jokes?

Was I a hard worker?

Will the food I cooked and the hospitality I extended be missed?

Was I a place for wise council?

Did I give all Glory to the Father?

Was I a resting place for a weary soul?

Did I raise my children in the Light of God’s Word?

Did I exhaust all the gifts given me by the Father?

Did I tarnish my testimony in the eyes of another causing them disbelief?

Will my love and commitment to my Husband and our marriage make finding a replacement impossible?

Was I someone my daughters admire and strive to imitate?

Was I an example of a Godly Wife and Mother, leaving my son searching the same attributes and characteristics in a woman?

Did more honey pour from my lips than vinegar?

Did I stand out from the World and it’s ways as a clear representation of Christ?

Morbid I know..but what will they say? But then again..


We shall not only believe, we shall know, beyond doubt in every fiber of our appalled or delighted being, that as the Judge has said, so we are: neither more, nor less, nor other. – C.S. Lewis

At that final day, the good or bad opinions of others will not matter at all. We’re made and meant to live undistractedly for God’s praise. Only God’s praise will matter. When I bow before God awaiting my judgement and He opens the Book of Life, it will not be the opinions of others written in it…

The page which has my name and all the thoughts I’ve ever had, all the words I’ve ever said, all the deeds I’ve ever done, and all the sins I’ve ever committed will be white as snow..Because of Jesus and His death on the cross, saving my soul, and being Lord of my life. God will lovingly lift my head and give praises, “Well done my good and faithful servant..”

What will HE say to you?









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