I awoke this Easter morning with my heart brimming over with sweet as nectar joy; crystalizing every word I spoke as I cheerfully skipped into the kitchen to pop a pod in my Keurig. As I stood anxiously awaiting my literal cup o’ joy my mind went to the Lord in prayer, “Father, thank you for this beautiful Easter morn, for the sacrifice of your Son on the Cross so that I could commune eternally with You, for the abundant blessings of health to my family and provisions you have so graciously granted us that we do not deserve. Father I pray for each visitor that comes into Your presence, I pray you stir their hearts towards You…”as I finished praying I reflected back on where we were last year at this time.

My father had been locked up on Good Friday for a DUI and hit and run charge. My siblings and I decided to leave him in there to give him time to detox and think and Easter morning brought a surprise phone call from Daddy apologizing and informing us that he had posted bail.

We celebrated ONE YEAR of sobriety yesterday!

How merciful God is. How He so mercifully answered my cries for deliverance from addiction for my Daddy and Momma. How He cradled me as I wept bitterly for them and He lovingly whispered, “it’s ok my dear child, I will deliver them.”


And as I meditate on His infinite mercies I must ask myself, {as should you}


Am I quick to grant mercies to one who has done wrong? Do I allow a fair trial or do I aggressively slam the gavel, proclaiming a guilty verdict? Do I readily allow God to execute vengeance or do I clutch the noose, tightening the knot as the Lord rips it from my hands?


But the trouble in that is its not Christ-like.

Christ is fair, executes His vengeance and He is merciful.

Christ is fair. He knows the heart behind the action. He knows if something was done  with ill intentions behind it. To be tempted is not a sin, for Christ was tempted; but to allow the Devil a place in the doorway, that is; to open the door of temptation for the possibility for sin to happen, that is foolishness. {Ex: Alcoholics shouldn’t hang around near bars, strugglers of porn addiction shouldn’t have T.V. packages with X-rated channels, and adulterers shouldn’t be alone with the opposite sex.}

Christ is JUST. His Judgment is pure and His vengeance is swift, there is no corruption.

Christ is mercy. He is the epitome of the word, as He endured every lashing of the whip laced with sharpened bone and glass as it tore His flesh and ripped His muscles , “This is for Stephanie.” crack of the whip “This is for Donald.” crack of the whip “This is for Paul.” crack of the whip “This is for Mary.” as He tirelessly carried His marred robe of flesh up the mountain knowing of the crucifixion to follow, with each painful step, “This is for Randy.” step “This is for Joseph.” step “This is for Joshua.” step “This is for Katie.” as He lay as they drove the nails through His hands and feet, “This is for Whitney.” ping “This is for Rose.” ping “This is for David”. As He hung suspended between Heaven and Earth {a symbol of His mediation between God and Man.} spewing not hateful words to those who stood glaring into His face, the Face of God, cursing Him but lovingly thought, “This is for you. I will endure it all for you.”

That my friend, that is mercy. To take the punishment another deserves, to take the unclean and trading His Holiness for their filthy rags, to take the unlovable and love them but not just love them but to TEACH them HOW to love.

Be Mindful, Be Merciful.








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