Mamas, DO Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys..


I’m sure I will feel some heat off this topic but regardless of how burned I may get; I mustn’t ignore the words my spirit screams instantaneously as my eyes fix on the product of the highly popularized effeminate male. His voice is soft and sweet as cotton candy, his hands tender and his nails manicured, free from any discoloration due to grease or dirt, his hair is shampoo model worthy and fixed atop his head in a messy man bun that took him 15 minutes to make messy and positioned just right, and his jeans so tight you can picture him doing the ever personal, highly feminine, and very familiar jean jive.

My insides SCREAM…{and I have to be quick to bite my tongue before my mouth follows suit!}



Where are the men whose voice is throaty and husky, so deep you just can barely understand him because of the drastic change of pitch in your voice of thought compared to his? Where are the hands that are callused and stained with hard-work but can be as soft as velvet when brushed across a lady’s cheek? Tough when they need to be but delicate when holding something fragile like a baby or a woman. What happened to the men who had to keep their hair off the neck and ears because they didn’t have time to fiddle with it? What happened to man jeans, the ones that were fitted enough to allow them mobility while performing their duties and easy to pull on and off?

I’ll tell ya what.


In an attempt to obtain the “perfect male” we have taken the men {who were created in the image of GOD} and forcefully crammed them into an imperfect, highly impractical mold that women have created. Instead of being equal with man, we want to be superior. We want men to grovel in the dust beneath our heels, we smirk as we watch them squirm and if they protest or resist any we dig our stilettos into their backs deeper and screech in their ears they’re the ones being intolerant and oppressive. We brainwash them from their youth that their God-given masculine characteristics are “bad”.

We snatch the toy cars from our little boys and hand them baby dolls in an attempt to make them compassionate, we pick them up and suffocate them with kisses and provoke tears so we can teach them it’s ok to cry, and we ridicule them when they get into the mud and give them a good tongue lashing whenever they come out of their rooms with disheveled hair and mismatched clothes demanding them to put more effort into their appearance.

We snip at their daddies when they try to lead and deem their fathers as weak whenever they don’t. We voice discouraging thoughts we have about their father’s masculinity furthering the brainwashing that to be woman is to be wiser.

And if their Momma’s didn’t raise them in such a way; we use what God granted us as a means to be a helpmate to man as his kryptonite.

We gotta reign in this emasculation of men. If not now, when? If not us, who? We have got to encourage masculinity not deter it! Men are NOT as women. There are differences and they are stark, as they should be.

I’ll be going over the differences and how they are beneficial in my next article so check back in. Until then, Mommas DO let your babies grow up to be cowboys…they’re a rare and dying breed.




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