What Do Your Words Say?

IMG_3047Words are the beginning of everything. Words start wars. Words draw treaties. Words spark relationships. Words stab enemies. Words breathe encouragement. Words deflate pride. Words instill morals. Words promote lawlessness. Words inspire imagination. Words provoke laughter. Words cause tears. Words coerce action. Words urge placidity. What do your words say?

Do your words breathe life into those around you or do they knock the wind out of them? Do your words quench fires stoked by rods of hate or do your words act as gasoline causing the fires of anger to engulf? Do your words act as healing salve to a spiritually sick patient or do they cause infection to spread? Do your words encourage those of a broken and contrite spirit or do they resemble a sledge hammer crashing through glass? What do your words say?

Do your words paint the picture of a sunny summer day, where the grass is vibrant green and the air is heavy with the mixed scent of freshly cut grass, sunscreen, and clear clean water causing a saturation of merriness to the heart or do your words cause thunderstorms in the darkness with only the crackle of lightning bolts of hate to illuminate the path to despair? Do your words imitate a screaming alarm warning others of impending danger redirecting them to preservation or do they advance the final steps into infinite peril? What do your words say?

But I say to you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement.- Jesus Christ

Words hold power.

Words ARE life and death.{melodramatic right?!} Your words can literally breathe life or death into a situation. It amazes me how words can steer emotions towards euphoric bliss or towards disheartening forlorn, likewise words can be used as a lifeline thrown out to one drowning in their own sea of dismay tugging them back into comfort and refilling them with love, whether it be love for themselves, for their spouse, for their interests, or more importantly for the Lord.

Sadly the majority of people do not realize the power words hold, we throw out opinions without good intentions and they imitate grenades leaving fields of destruction while we walk away unscathed. Instead of throwing opinion grenades we should sow truth; producing fields of faith. {Opinions are not biblical.}

Let your words remain even after you’re gone; still sowing, still loving. Let your words affect generations to come positively, there’s enough negativity in this world. Let your words breathe life. Let your words bring warmth to a cold heart. Let your words shine light, His light, into the dark corners. Let your words BE love. True love. Not the artificial commercialized love that comes to mind at Valentine’s Day, but words that speak truth but speaks it kindly and lovingly, abrasive yet tender shaving away the callousness of the heart but careful not to damage.

Be mindful of your words, remember when we were young, “If you haven’t anything nice to say, say nothing at all.”?

You say, “But they were ugly first!” I say to you, “You can be the caboose on that train of hate, not the connecting car.” Stop hate, don’t spread it. If we all act as the purifying filters, intaking hate from others but cleaning its impurities and outpouring life sustaining love instead, we will change the world.

Challenge yourself: What do your words say?


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