Miracles In The Moment

IMG_2909Lately my FB news feed has been heavily drenched with sobering pleas for prayers, friends and family members crying out in unison to God for healing and miracle performing and while I am most certainly a woman of faith and believe in the power of prayer I cannot be ignorant to what I feel my soul is whispering…”What if this is the miracle?”

What if the trial that you’re fighting IS the miracle from God? What if that mountain that seems insurmountable is realistically just an ant hill in comparison to the true mountain God has planned for you to conquer? And that hill is for training purposes only? To build your stamina. What if we are so caught up in Hollywood miracles that we miss the miracle unfolding before our very eyes?

I’m not against real life situations where God works a Hollywood miracle and leaves Doctors and patients scratching their heads because of a complete 180 in diagnosis. But I can’t help but to wonder what if we’re missing something? What if we’re missing the miracles in the moment because our eyes are squished together so tightly while wailing our prayers for that Hollywood miracle?

What kind of message are you sending whenever God’s answer isn’t what you had in mind?

{I mean that sincerely. Think about it for a minute.}

We claim God’s miracle-working power and claim His mercy and His grace but whenever He answers our prayers with “No.”, we silently fade into the background noise and unbelieving onlookers wonder “What God?!”

Ponder on this for a moment, when was the last time you cried out to God with such fervent prayer? When was the last time you genuinely had a moment where you realized how wonderful life is with that person in it? When was the last time you turned off the T.V. or radio for meditation of His ways? When was the last time you felt truly helpless?

Perhaps if we change our mindset. Perhaps if we focus our spiritual eye on what God is meticulously crafting in us in those moments we can praise Him in the miracle. Praising Him in the storms that our souls so desperately needed to wash all the worldly trusts away. You say you “trust” God but do you trust He will accomplish His Will and not yours? Do you trust that His “No.” is for your greater good? Will you praise Him in that disagreement?

God still loves you if you disagree with Him, just as a father’s love isn’t quenched by an unfavorable moment with his child. God still loves you if you’re angry with Him, He knows your heart and that your finite mind can’t grasp His infinite knowledge. Don’t dwell in that anger though, visit it for a season and pick that anger like a dandelion and speak it; speak it with such force as if you were blowing the florets off of it.

But tell others about the arbitrate conclusion to your disagreement; let others see that you still love God even in disappointment.

Then watch as those littles florets float on air and drift off to unknown places resulting in fields of faith being planted. 

Don’t miss the miracle in the moment.


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