Am I Enough?!

IMG_2872More often than not I melt defeated into the tub at the end of a long day of momming. More often than not I hesitantly make decisions, cross examining all the possible outcomes. More often than not I question if I’m doing something with the right heart in my marriage. More often than not I wonder if my littles are healthy and truly happy? More often than not I wonder, “Am I enough?!”

Am I enough of a wife and woman to keep him happy and home? Is my anxiety too much to handle? Do I still captivate him, leaving him feaning for more? Are my arms the ones he longs to have wrapped around him at the end of the day? Is it my conversation he delights in most? Am I the person he deems with the most importnant title of best friend? Am I enough?

Am I enough of a Momma and magcian to calm all the storms that their little minds brew up, fears of monsters under the bed and whether or not they have broken a bone falling off the couch? Can my kiss mend all the boo-boos? Can the touch of my hand to their forehead still detect a rise in their temperature? Will they still come to my corner when they are wrestling with a problem seeking for me to tap in? Am I raising them up in the way they should go that is pleasing and gloryfiying to Him? Am I enough?

Am I enough of a friend to encourage the friend who’s down and out? Can I pull my eyes from the picture of my own life to focus in on a friends when they need it most? Am I abrasive but yet equally charming so that they throughly enjoy my prescence? Do I listen enough? Am I enough?

And just when I am stringing up that white flag of surrender, swearing off any further efforts God so mercifully whispers into my defeated, partially deaf from positivity ear..

“You are enough.”

It’s as if the pressure from His words spoken breaks through all the dark clouds and His light shines onto my heart.

“In your marriage- You are enough.

In your seasons of motherhood- You are enough.

In your friendships- You are enough.

But you are human. Give yourself the grace you so mercifully grant to others. I am God, Creator, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, I Am that I am! I know who’s best for your husband, I created him for you and you for him. I crafted you with such attetion to detail, can’t you see how your arms wrap around him perfectly? Can’t you see that your anxious energy reigns in his compulsiveness? Can’t you see his smile when he speaks of you or sees you? Do you not trust Me? YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

Do you not trust in My infinite knowledge and that I entrusted you with those children? That I knew no other would be better for them but you? Can you not see the adoration and love that flows so freely and easily from your children? Are you blind and deaf from their cheery demeanor and infectious giggles? Can you not hear their prayers, how pure and sweet? YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

You prayed for a godly friend that would be uplifting and understanding for your life, I granted your request, do you not trust that I will fill in where you fall short? YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.”

You. Are. Enough.

Your husband, children, and friends cannot find another you. You are you, nobody else can be you, so be the best you. You are enough. You are an original.

{and where you feel you fall short, pray and trust for God to fill the voids, He is more than enough.}



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