To My Son’s Future Mother-In-Law..

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To my son’s future mother-in-law,

I am making this vow to you, whoever you are, that I’m going to raise your little princess’ knight in shining armor to be everything that you’ve prayed for. Bittersweet confidence will exude from me when he leaves my embrace to be held tenderly and lovingly by your daughter because I know that I have had part in making a lucky girl’s dreams come true and I will smile as I see the relief wash over you as you give her away to be cared for and loved deeply by my son because you know just how attentive the care and how devote the love that man, my son, has for your daughter.

I promise to instill a love for God and for all things righteous in his heart so that your daughter will never have to worry of things that worldly men partake in, his eyes will behold and adore her beauty alone. I promise to teach him to be compassionate and slow to anger allowing you to rest assured in the respect your baby girl is receiving. I promise to encourage communicating his thoughts and emotions clearly which in return will lead to deeper understanding and adoration by your baby girl, she will fall in love with him over and over again. I promise to train him up as a gentleman, he will mind his manners, be respectful of others, open the doors, humbly rise when someone enters a room, and he will firmly shake all the hands offered, leaving you proud to say that he is yours. I promise to coach him in romanticism and all the stages of it, from the first flowers and candies to the latter acts of service when she becomes his wife and mother to his children, once a princess always a princess. I promise to enlighten his mind in the way a woman’s mind works, whether it makes sense to him or not. I promise to edify the importance of a strong work ethic so you can rest easy that your little girl is provided for. I promise to guide him in humility for when he does stumble {which he will because he is human and to err is human} he will feel remorse and wholeheartedly apologize and ask forgiveness. I promise to encourage his humor {which won’t take much} so that your daughter will always have a smile. I promise to inspire adventure so he will step out of his comfort zone and into your daughters interests. Lastly, I promise to love him so purely and profoundly that he, in return, will only be able to pour that same pure profound love into your daughter. With that vow..

Can you please promise me..

That she will portray her love for him in the most powerful way one can towards a man, with respect. She will be merciful and full grace whenever my son has a stumbling moment. That you will raise her to be a lady, God-fearing and full of love. That you will show her how to calm the storm that is man with one soft spoken answer. That she will love his cowboy boots and accompany him to monster truck jams. That I will sleep peacefully at night knowing that the tousled head of hair that I used to kiss when I checked on through the night now sleeps soundly next to a godly woman whose love is explicitly his. That the woman that now holds the hands and calms the storms of her own sons or daughters, my grand-littles, does it lovingly with Heavenly rewards in mind.

Can you please promise me that you will cultivate a sense of worth in her so that your daughter will be the princess that his heart behind the cold, shining armor needs?

Please Lord, provide me with a Proverbs 31 princess for my little knight in shining armor..and cowboy boots.

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