Words Society has Forgotten.

611EFBC8-EFBF-4685-A8F8-D8F3E2EEA6D5Normally I would not write when emotions are bleeding this excessively, normally I would wait letting them slow to a small trickle, wipe what little is left and stick a band-aid over it. But I have lost a sense of peace, hope in humanity {partially}, and a bit of sleep due to the heartbreaking realization that adult females {I will not call them grown because what they did is not what grown women do, but rather what an envious, insecure preteen might do. I say might because some preteen’s even have more compassion than that.} could so mercilessly tear other women apart.

Bear with me as I try to make complete sentences and convey a clear picture of the thunderstorm of words and ideas that I have swirling in my mind.

I had taken a bit of a hiatus from social media {6 years to be exact} due to the malicious attacks I saw daily, females and males acting as a pack of lionesses pouncing on any easy target and leaving nothing but a heap of marred and bloody bones in their wake, never being filled so continuously moving onto the next victim. Witnessing such brute began to weigh too heavy for me, and as I tirelessly attempted to reign in such maliciousness through posting Scriptures and inspirational messages I realized that instead of pulling those cruel people closer to God, they were dragging me closer to their depravity and when one realizes that..

One must cut the lifeline to keep from drowning themselves.

Recently I rejoined the social media scene and unsurprisingly not much has changed. My article yesterday was about getting pictures done, self-consciousness, emotional self-abuse, about body-shaming. The closed and very private boudoir group on FB seemingly was a safe place, a place where women could be uplifted and reassured about a very sensitive subject. Their bodies. But of course no where is completely safe and some truly insecure unhappy females felt the need to attack women who were seeking to gain reassurance and confidence.

Those females are the very ones who scream out with the throngs of labor pains as they birth more vile bullying tactics that in the future will destroy their own sons and daughters self-esteem. Those females are the ones whose eyes are blinded by any light besides the glow from their phone and computer screens leaving them constantly groping the black air in an attempt to find their footing. Those females are the ones that feel the most alone and bear the heaviest burden of low self-worth leaving them pointing to others in an attempt to mask their own flaws.

I say female because those antics are no better than that of a fearful animal. The title of woman means you are above such actions, the word woman originates from “womb of man” because Eve came from Adam’s rib and Adam was made in the image of God therefore woman should strive to imitate the attributes of God, and woman is the foundation for terms of endearment; Momma, daughter, sister, and wife. {when you attack another woman you are attacking someone’s Momma, daughter, sister, wife. Think long and hard about that.}

Satan has grasped society, pulled her close and whispered into her ears, “Be loud, savage, extra! Be promiscuous, self-centered, greedy! That’s where comfort and happiness resides.”

All the while the words society has forgotten are being replaced.

What happened to humble? Honor? Mercy? What happened to integrity? Modest? Chaste? What about sacrifice? And my favorite..


 Grace is such a wonderful word because of its origin, God. God’s grace that forgives all sin if asked for. {Lord knows I use my fair share of this, I to wrestle my own “demons”. I just prefer to wrestle them silently.} God’s grace that can turn a female into a woman rescuing her from the birthing of hate, shining light in the darkness illuminating her path underfoot, and coming alongside her and removing the heavy burden of low self-worth.

Can we women agree to do this one thing?

Grant Grace.

All women are beautiful, all women deserve to be confident and to feel beautiful. We women are all so hard on ourselves already so instead of heaving hate in the direction of another grant grace.

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