STOP Body-shaming & Get the Pictures Done!



If you are a man besides my husband or one of my adult littles wanting to see what Momma used to blog about this article is NOT for you and I highly persuade and suggest you turn back now! Because 1. you’re a dude and this post is especially  touchy and I cannot be held accountable if your feelings get hurt, or you learn some unwanted information about periods and birthing babies. 2. My adult littles please understand Momma is writing this in an attempt to encourage other ladies.

Now that I hope that we have rid ourselves of any unwanted eavesdroppers in this one-sided conversation, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

Ladies, I had a boudoir photo album made for my husband for Valentine’s Day.

Yes, me. The woman who has stretch marks and loose skin. The woman who is still trying to grow back hair in the bald spots due to the crazy hormonal shifts of pregnancy and delivery. The woman who is still trying to awkwardly find her way back to the state of  sexy or at least reach the rest area of that journey. My skin is pale and I fail the “pencil test” but when my most trusted photographer offered a boudoir mini, a teeny tiny flame flared up, sparked by the air that breathed into me from reading those words.

I asked my photographer, “Will these be posted all over the internet?!”-NO! Only if you want to share will they be shared. That’s all I needed to know. My intimate, very exposed moments were not going to be plastered all over the internet, so I scheduled my shoot and started searching for some new lingerie! I found some great deals on some extremely sexy {at least to me} outfits and placed my order and then waited..and waited..and waited. I was surprised at how anxious I was for the shoot that could possibly be a complete fail, in an attempt to hype myself up and to find a third outfit, I went to Dillard’s and Victoria’s Secret to try on some different lingerie.


As I tried on OUTFIT after OUTFIT after OUTFIT my confidence shrunk with each outfit I hostilely ripped off only careful enough not to rip it so I wouldn’t have to pay for something that laid so hideously against my body. The lights in those stores were not forgiving and mockingly highlighted all my previously noted flaws. I had hit rock bottom in the self-esteem lake and had all but drowned in self-pity until I arrived safe at home ready to be comforted by my sweats and t-shirt, but there sat my Amazon package on the doorsteps.

“I’m not doing it again!” I hissed under my breath as I slung the package onto my bed. “I’m just going to cancel.” I told myself in an attempt to soothe my emotional wounds. But I thought what the heck I’m already down here, let’s finish me off so I can go back to everyday life tomorrow.

As I slipped into those dainty, lacy outfits and practiced a few poses in the mirror I let out a sigh of relief because to my surprise I didn’t look too bad. The outfits covered very little but what it didn’t cover wasn’t too teeth clenching. Then I remembered how I had previously read a scientific study that stated men are visual creatures and how any moment that causes them arousal goes into the back of their mind like a picture in a filing cabinet, always readily available for them to pull back out and reminisce. I wanted so badly to give my husband a tangible copy of such in case his mind, in an attempt to make more room, throws out my youthful photos to replace with the older, even more pale, loose, wrinkly, even less attractive older self. I also remembered how awesomely talented and amazingly sweet my photographer is and if I canceled that would mean I didn’t trust her to make me look and feel attractive. So guess what I did…

I prayed.

Yep, I prayed. God gifted us with sex, I love sex and I know my husband thinks I’m sexy so I prayed that God would help me to feel sexy. Believe it or not I pray over my sex life often, not a “oh Lord, please let it be over soon.” But a prayer that my sex life would be acceptable and pleasing to both God and my husband…and of course me!

The day arrived, we laughed and gossiped while getting hair and makeup done. I walked into the bathroom and was enamored with the gorgeous lady staring back at me in the mirror thanks to Christian fixing me up, I shimmied into my first outfit, said another prayer, took a deep breath and opened the door.


That’s really the only way to describe it, Kayleigh made magic happen.

I’m beyond ecstatic over my pictures and cannot recommend allowing a professional to capture your beauty on film to show you what you cannot see but what I’m sure your husband does. So stop body shaming and get the pictures done!


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