I am Woman, Hear Me Whisper.

KGP-64Women are so undeniably hard on one another, we judge one another’s appearance, profession, parenting, the way we treat our spouses, hobbies, use of time, money spent, diets, and even the thoughts we think the other may be having. We compare and compare and compare ourselves to those around us until we have a list of likes and dislikes the C.I.A. would be envious of. We’ve all heard “I am woman, hear me roar!” and all are familiar with the WWII “Rosie the Riveter” poster, and while both are very inspirational in the quest for “women equality”, I can’t help but to ponder on its message.

I find myself along with many other women and mothers standing on a massive teeter board, frantically running from side to side in an attempt to prevent falling completely off. Running to the left to tend to all things culturally acceptable for profession and then darting back to the right to nurture littles and relationships, only to result in both sides being lack and the women being fatigued and winded. I feel as though our culture has mass-produced the socially and professionally “successful” woman, it has missed the mark in its entirety on the internally “content” woman. Hear me out.

Society applauds a woman who has degrees and dollars, external beauty and millions of admirers, who has made “sacrifices” and “volunteers”. Society esteems her mighty and courageous for doning provocative clothing, pushing our daughters whose heels are dug into the sands of innocency towards the ideology that less is more. Society cheers as she hollers profanity and sneers at the cameras. Society commends her “sexuality” for taking multiple partners. Society mourns when the balloon pops after being inflated with too much hot air, never taking responsibility for the explosion.

One cannot say it’s a sacrifice or volunteer work if it adds to one’s image. Do it privately, expecting nothing in return, not even a thank you; for then you have sacrificed your pride and volunteered your heart.

Society scoffs at women who want to be homemakers, who prefer to mold children instead of company policies. Society bellows while jabbing a finger into the faces of women, “your part of the problem!” when they disagree with new age feminists. Society labels women weak if they show any emotion besides rage and lust.  Society labels a modestly adorned woman as having low-self esteem, rather than self-respect. Society is outraged {rightly so} when sexual harassment numbers rise, but oblivious that none other than society itself is to blame.

Society can’t you hear me? Can’t you see me? Turn down the stereo and adjust the lights.

I am woman, hear me whisper. I am content in the “mundane” because you see, I will be the silent drip that causes the ripple effect of change. The job you deem as unfulfilling and unimportant, I happily fill and do not take it lightly. I am a Momma.

I am the intercession of prayer for my littles, I keep the cabinets and fridge stocked, the wee bellies full, I kiss the boo-boos, I spark imagination, I manage appointments, I wash and fold the clothes, I chauffeur, I educate, I dance with the vacuum cleaner, I kiss Daddy, I find the perfect gift, I wash all the heads of hair, I untangle the knots, I encourage unsure steps, I am the emotional punching bag, I am the safe place, I am the handkerchief, I am the tucker in of bed sheets, I am the kiss on the forehead in the middle of the night. I am the comforting hug. I am the teacher on the wayside.{Deu. 11:19}

I am the whisper they will hear all the days of their lives when the morally correct decision seems difficult to make, gently tugging them in the right direction. A whisper because one must stop amidst the chaos and listen.

In this instance a whisper will prove much louder than a roar.

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