Honestly, Homeschooling Sucks..some days.

IMG_1498This is a red light. This isn’t just any red light, it’s the red light I run every day. Ok, I don’t endanger any lives if that’s what your thinking (get you’re panties out of a wad Trish, like you’ve never been in a hurry..) Seriously though, this light is so long; like a mugger could effortlessly steal those 22’s clean off yo ride before it turned green. There’s always some kind of creeper pushing their stolen Walmart buggy full of discarded treasures that to me just look like a bunch of trash, but hey, kudos to you creeper man on keeping the roads clean. Therefore I slyly coast down the service road and skitter across the median to decrease the likelihood of becoming the next headline on the local newspaper. But today I sat. And sat. And sat. Creeper man who normally spats incoherently (pretty positive it’s offensive and vulgar) at me as he and I do a little waltz between Expedition and Walmart buggy, didn’t have to waltz today, he didn’t try mugging me today, prolly because I had a “if you wanna go, you better do me in” kinda look about me, because today Homeschooling sucked. It sucked so hard, like hard enough that if homeschooling was a vacuum it would be a $15,000 vacuum because it sucks every particle of patience, grace, and even religion right out of you. Monkey has ADHD and most days we can reign it in by taking our Smarty Pants vitamins and being extremely careful with what she eats along with taking frequent breaks so she can expel some of that energy out, but today we failed horribly. I desperately grabbed for my keys before the hideous mom monstrosity was unleashed. Driving calms me, I don’t know why, maybe it’s the fact that everyone is strapped in and for the most part cannot aggravate one another, or maybe it’s the hum of the engine that puts all the kiddos to sleep, perhaps because I’m in control. Whatever the reason it helps, at least for now. Monkey seems oblivious to the eruption that was impeding, as she twirls around the living room with an old scarf playing tug of war with Ni Liao, and I feel relief, relief because I didn’t put out her playful flame today like I have in the past before she was diagnosed. Today lessons sucked, they were ridiculously long, tedious, and repetitive; but tomorrow is a new day, and productive homeschooling isn’t defined by one day so tomorrow Creeper man better be wearing his dancing shoes.

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