And so it begins..

Alas, after much encouraging from Facebook friends and “permission” from the hubs to add yet another delicacy to my overflowing plate of yummy adulting, I am embarking on blogging. I am confident that this adventure in the blogosphere will either be a marvelous outlet for me, while reaching fellow mommers; *insert sarcasm and shoulder shrug or yet another warm and fuzzy idea that will die prematurely, adding to the ever growing list of failures I have.  Excited and cautious are some words that come across my heart as I type this. Excited to reach out and possibly bring a smile to a frowning, frustrated, tired face or encouragement and relativism in a darker moment. Cautious because with every post I publish I’m giving a piece of myself I cannot get back, exposing myself to lets be honest strangers. Yes, some of you I know and when we pass each others paths we give the southern socially expected “How are you?” and may even linger for a moment longer to go deeper than that general shallow question. But here I will give you all of me, the funny, the ugly, the insecure, all of my emotions and expect nothing in return. But I do ask a favor, if it strikes a nerve, share it, there’s another momma or woman who may need it right at that moment. One more thing..I’m terrible at expressing myself face to face and usually resort to humor to juke any deep conversations, seriously, ask my husband so if you see me in public and try to get all deep please don’t leave discouraged just know I’m awkward.

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